Acorn Broadband’s AirFibre packages are specifically designed to provide high speed connectivity to apartment buildings, housing estates, body corporates etc. When it comes to apartment buildings and complexes we like to engage with the decision makers so that we can find a solution to best suit the needs of everyone who stays there.

Visiting the building/complex

In order to get an idea of what solutions are currently in the complex, we like to conduct a visit. This visit takes the form of an explanation of what we do and how we do it, as well as an opportunity to take pictures so that we can start our planning. We do this as every building is different, and each building has unique concerns.

Completing a Detailed Site Plan

Once the visit is complete, it is then up to our infrastructure team to put together a plan that addresses the needs of the building. We complete this plan and send it to the decision makers to comment on, and approve.

Landowner Approval

If everyone is happy then a Landowner Consent Form is signed that outlines the scope of work that will be carried out, as well as what you can expect from us, and what we ask of the complex in return.


It costs the building nothing for us to construct the core network. The only costs are incurred by the tenants or owners who would like to take up a fibre service.


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