About us

Having lived and worked in South Africa for a number of years, one of our Founders, Darragh, got fed up with the lack of quality reliable broadband at a reasonable price and saw an opportunity. Our other Founder, Jack, having built and run a successful Internet Service Providers in Ireland and the United Kingdom decided that South Africa was his next destination to bring that same high quality service and innovation. Together, both felt they could do a better job and bring people in both rural communities and towns across the Southern Cape the quality broadband services they needed and deserved for a reasonable price, so they got to work!

So, in 2018 Acorn Broadband was born with big ambitions to bring transparent quality services at great prices to South Africa. Although we do provide services to customers in cities, we focus and specialize in towns and rural broadband services in areas forgotten about by other companies and the government! We use both fibre and the most advanced wireless technology available to build our own state of the art networks bringing our high speed quality broadband services to new areas, connecting thousands of homes and businesses across South Africa every single day. Acorn Broadband also provides specialist CCTV & Security Systems to customers throughout South Africa.

Acorn Broadband is a fresh and innovative company bringing quality services at great prices – the future is extremely exciting!